Volvo group Signs — Industrial Design (2023)

Volvo Cars have recently developed their brand appearance and strategy. Their signage system therefore needed an update too. You should always recognise Volvo; The Torslanda Headquarter should give you the same visual information as a Chinese Volvo office. Volvo asked OP.™ to redesign the wayfinding and signage system, adhering to their redeveloped visual language. Starting with the Torslanda Campus and HQ, the idea was to guide colleagues and visitors through light. Large parts of the year in Sweden is spent in darkness. The signs aimed to brighten the daily commute. A simple white surface that shines when it is light and lights up when it is dark communicating the message clearly. The rectangular surface is carried by a stainless steel and robust structure. The steel aims to reflect its environment and blend in with the surroundings, whilst also representing the high precision production methods that Volvo use for their products.