About  —  We are a dedicated team of industrial designers and architects working across disiplinces to create a lasting body of work. Founded in 2018 by  Axel Norlander, Caspar Andrén, Petter Hillinge and Robert During Janson. 

We are deeply passionate about creating innovative and functional designs that embody the simplicity, minimalism, and elegance of Scandinavian aesthetics. Our team collaborates closely to bring a unique, holistic approach to every project. We believe in pushing the boundaries of design, exploring new possibilities, and creating spaces and objects that inspire and enhance everyday life. 

We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and our unwavering commitment to excellence. This dedication has quickly earned us a reputation for delivering high-quality, impactful designs. From initial concept to final realization, we strive to transform ideas into tangible realities that exceed our clients' expectations. Whether designing a sleek piece of industrial equipment or a groundbreaking piece of architecture, our passion for design drives us to achieve results that stands the test of time.

Philosophy  —  At Office of Possibilities, every project begins with a foundation of academic research and a deep understanding of stylistic nuances. We believe in integrating past and present, treating the design of new structures and the restoration of historic ones with equal reverence. 

Our work is a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary technology, ensuring that every creation is both timeless and heartfelt. Our approach honors the beauty of existing architecture and industrial design while infusing modern elements, creating a seamless dialogue between history and the present. 

We are passionate about our work, collaborating closely with clients and other professionals to unlock each project’s full potential. We craft spaces and products that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and culturally resonant. This philosophy guides us in everything we do, from small-scale repairs to major projects, embodying our commitment to design excellence and sustainable practices.

For the past years we have been very fortunate to work with some fantastic clients. From commercial to private, from international to local, from big to small. We belive no task is too big or too small and the journey we take on togetter is fun, humbeling and highly appreciated.


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General contact: info@o-p.se
New business: caspar@o-p.se
Social: @o_p_se

Stockholm — Högbergsgatan 99 — SE-118 54
Göteborg — Viktor Rydbergsgatan 46 — SE-412 57
Lund — Agardhsgatan 5 — SE-223 51

Axel Norlander, Interior Design Director
axel@o-p.se, +46 735 44 29 35 

Caspar Andrén, CEO
caspar@o-p.se, +46 708 10 28 00 

Crissie Håkansson, Architectural Intern

Josefin Kocken, Architectural Intern

Josef Landström, Architect
josef@o-p.se, +46 739 60 05 65‬

Petter Hillinge, Design Director
petter@o-p.se, +46 734 28 20 90 

Philip Andersson, Industrial Designer
philip@o-p.se, +46 706 15 50 40

Robert During Janson, Architectural Director
robert@o-p.se, +46 707 48 58 88 

Recruitments / Internships — We are always interested in new talent. We don’t have the possibilitie to answer every applicant directly but we keep all applications for review when an possition opens up. 

We have open internship positions for 6 month - 1 year running every semester. Apply to: work@o-p.se