March 2024 — Private house — Building permit approved for Bergfinken 4, a small weekend house we’ve designed in the outskirts of Stockholm. Construction will now begin and finish during this year.
February 2024 — OP Table — Introducing our latest exploration: a furniture concept inspired by discovering stone off-cuts. Perfect for one-of-a-kind sofa tables, each piece features a captivating stone surface and vibrant color palette. Here are our first four tryouts! Our versatile steel leg structure ensures both support and visual appeal, effortlessly balancing the weight of the stone. Plus, each table is sold individually, making each table unique.
January 2024 — OP x Séfr — Paris Fashion week FW 2024
We have created a pop-up showroom for the Swedish fashion brand Séfr, displayed at their showroom in Paris during Paris fashion week FW 2024.

December 2023 —  Extension — A new entrance and restaurant for Salen and Paul Svensson. The vision is to create the world's foremost meeting place for the sustainability of the future, in the middle of the Swedish mountains. 'Salen' is a vision by Tomas Kaiser, where sustainable development is the focus. A center where the gastronomy, culture and grassroots innovation of the future can be accommodated under the same roof. With a restaurant signed by Paul Svensson, the level of ambition is immediately set high. Swedish ingredients in season meet genuine world-class cooking. We got asked to create a new extension and restaurant housing this new program in an exiting building from the mid  00’s and our decision to work with an exposed CLT structure felt very at home for both context and program. 

November 2023 — Hemmesta Water Tower — Our proposal for the new Hemmesta water tower. We choose to challange the traditional shape of a water tower. By placing the body of water inbetween to circular planes of concrete, creating a highly rational H structure in one axis and a clean circular geometry in the other. Thus marrying the optimal placement of program with playful geometric clearity.

October 2023 — New merch for Deglabbet, buy at Deglabbet restaurants and at
September 2023 — Railway warehouse conversion — OP just started work on a new conversion project for our friend Raphael Bartke and his team at Godsmagasinet Älmult and Loshult Handelsbod. Godsmagasinet is an integral part of Älmhults history and the building dates back to 1863 when it functioned as a warehouse for the railway. The new program will include a cafe, restaurant and be able to host larger events. 

August 2023 — OP x Séfr — We have created a set of furniture for the Swedish fashion brand Séfr to be displayed at their showroom in Paris during Paris fashion week FW 2024.

July 2023 — We are very very happy for this evening back in may. Thanks to everyone who came by building OPL1 with us and to our friends over at NKF for making this collab happen. 

May 2023 — Härnösand Public Pavilion. We are building a pavilion for Street Moves, ArkDes and the city of Härnösand located at the citys historic boardwalk, Skeppsbron. The pavilion is built from salvaged timber, 2,400 cubic meters, that fell of cargo ship outside of the city during a storm earlier this winter. 2,400 cubic meters of sawn timber now on it’s way to become a public pavilion benefiting the inhabitnats of Härnösand. Follow the story on swedish national television SVT: Photos: OP, SVT, Örjan Leek