Silent moto  — Industrial design / Identity work (2018-2020)  

Petter Holm, a visionary entrepreneur and passionate motorcycle enthusiast, came up with the idea to start a motorcycle brand with the same soul and honestness as a 70’s scrambler combined with today’s modern techniques. 

The answer was simple: it has to be electric. OP.™ shared this vision with Petter and decided to partner up and join this journey. The mission was to design the motorcycle as well as a holistic brand identity. The basic idea was to place the heavy batteries as close to the ground as possible, lowering the centre of gravity and resulting in better handling and balance. 

Silent Moto should be honest with its components even if it’s electric, not shying away from showing the rawness of materials and its components. Our philosophy is to take the road less travelled by, and with a ‘no-bullshit’ attitude and style, join us on our journey because this is only the beginning.