Mevia — Industrial design / Identity work — (2018 - 2021)

Mevia, a leading Swedish med-tech company specializing in adherence technology, offers tailored and dependable end-to-end solutions designed to ensure medical adherence, secure data management, and patient support during clinical trials.

By harnessing the power of trusted and energy-efficient GSM technology, Mevia has ingeniously integrated it with an innovative conductive ink trusted by partners, such as Merck & Jones Medical Group. OP.™ received the task of refining the existing product to create a more visually appealing and user-friendly package. The primary objective was to seamlessly fasten the paper blister to the product, guaranteeing a flawless connection for the device at all times. 

Accomplishing this while maintaining user-friendliness presented a significant challenge, which demanded extensive testing and development to achieve the desired outcome. 

In response to the larger Medose device’s success, our team was entrusted with the responsibility of developing a more sophisticated, portable iteration better suited for everyday use. This refined design necessitated a focus on user-friendly operation while ensuring a secure and consistent connection to the paper blister. The product needed to offer effortless manual access while simultaneously minimizing the risk of accidental detachment.

By strategically omitting a display from the design, we achieved a streamlined form factor, thereby enhancing portability and user convenience, whilst increasing battery time. The integration of an innovative opening mechanism further contributed to the device’s overall sophistication. As a result, we successfully launched a product that embodies both professionalism and advanced functionality in a simple formfactor, elevating the user experience in daily use.‍‍