IKEA Museum — Look Music — Exhibition design (2022)

For IKEA Museum Music is vital. It increases our creativity, influences atmospheres and makes us feel more connected to those around us. It sets the tone for parties regardless if you’re clubbing or just having a good time at home.

The listening experience might have changed, but music is as important as ever. IKEA Museum therefore decided to curate an exhibition around music in our homes called ‘Look music!’. 

IKEA Museum asked OP.™ and PJADAD to design an exhibition capturing the different ways music affects our lives in the home. The exhibition is divided into 3 different parts: listen, play and dance. The idea was to create different spaces where the visitor could experience and interact with both historical and present IKEA products surrounding music. Browse through and listen to old vinyl records, play and create music or dance away in the lights.