IKEA Museum — Home Futures — Exhibition design (2020)

In 2019 IKEA Museum created an exhibition in association with the London Design Museum. The ‘Home Futures’ exhibition focused on our vision of the future home, categorized historically. During the 20th century, architects and designers saw the home as a testing ground. Certain projects came to fruition, but the more abstract experiments never fully developed(past the prototype stage?). OP.™ mission was to combine the content from London Design Museum and adapt it to the IKEA Museum’s temporary exhibition space. The idea was to use the iconic IKEA shelf IVAR. The shelf worked as a space divider and carrier of the object. We used three simple materials: transparent textiles, IVAR shelves and mirrors. By clearly dividing the space into individual sections, we were able to tell a story through these chapters. The semi transparent textile would hint at what was coming next, without losing focus on the present.