Ecoride Loader 2 — Industrial Design (2023)

 Office of Possibilities (OP) proudly presents a collaborative design endeavor with EcoRide, resulting in the creation of a revolutionary cargo bike. Crafted for safety, sustainability, and style, this cargo bike sets a new standard in eco-friendly mobility.

 Featuring a unique cargo space designed like a protective helmet, the EcoRide cargo bike ensures unparalleled comfort and durability with its EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) construction. Integrated with essential features like sturdy aluminum framing, handlebars, footrests, and reflectors, it provides a secure and convenient ride for families and bike enthusiasts. 

With optional seating for up to three children and a rain protection canopy for added comfort, the EcoRide cargo bike emerges as the ultimate car alternative. Embrace an eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and stylish mode of transportation with EcoRide. Explore more about our collaborative innovation with EcoRide and discover how we're revolutionizing urban mobility for a sustainable future.