Warehouse transformation for IKEA H22 City Expo

Togetter with IKEA and SKEWED Productions we embarked on an extraordinary project, transforming an old warehouse building in Helsingborg harbor into a captivating retail experience for IKEA during the H22 Festival. The design's centerpiece was an enormous yellow staircase, created by cutting large holes in each floor. This playful addition to the traditional entrances facilitated smooth flow and left a lasting impression. 

The project gained global media recognition, with notable publications showcasing our innovative approach. Visitors and attendees of the H22 Festival were captivated by the unique design, praising its impact on the retail experience.
“In the spring of 2020, SKEWED began working on the H22 City Expo project with IKEA and the city municipality of Helsingborg. Over the course of two years an exhibition on an international scale was created showcasing new and exciting ideas for a smarter more sustainably conscious city and to help improve the quality of life for the people of Helsingborg..”  - SKEWED Productions, Read more

“Our work on H22 allows us to work in the multidisciplinary manner that we love, allowing us to use resources across our creative network and stray outside the narrow boundaries of what a traditional ‘creative agency’ environment might allow. This means architects, scenographers, filmmakers, podcast producers, graphic designers and even some roles that lack a conventional title. All working in concert to create a forward thinking event that will leave a lasting legacy. Both for Helsingborg itself and cities across the world.

We’ve been quietly working away on H22 for a while. Our Gothenburg office in particular, Office of Possibilities, has been working really hard. Now that the project is finally revealed to the public, it is even more exciting! We know that the reveal to public is only the beginning of our journey. The lifeblood of a city is of course its people. Each city is unique and we wouldn’t have it any other way. What happens at H22 will happen in dialogue with the residents that call Helsingborg home alongside IKEA and the city municipality.” - SKEWED Productions, Read more

Sustainability was at the core of our approach, repurposing old warehouse equipment into stunning furniture and implementing reusable temporary key clamp solutions. This year-long project, driven by a dedicated team of approximately six people, stands as a testament to our firm's ability to create transformative and unforgettable spaces.