OP (Office of Possibilities)


We are a multi-disciplinary design studio. We fuel any creative vision with an optimistic, skilled and persistent approach. We delivering a hands-on road map to any product design, physical brand experience, built environment or architectural structure.

To turn a idea into a product or a product into an environment, you need great clarity and clever techniques — partner with us for that blueprint.

We combine our fields of work. We don't see design as only one thing – we don't see graphic design as only graphic design. All of a sudden, a sign becomes a physical object – then it's a product. And then you walk into the sign – then it's a building. So we see it as one – we don't see it as different genres. We don't want our thing to be static. We want it to evolve. But we are now at the point where we think, we work with objects and spaces. It's from a physical standpoint.

OP was founded in 2018 by Axel Norlander, Caspar Andrén, Petter Hillinge and Robert During Janson.
At OP we have gathered a collective of creative professions under one roof.
We collaborate with experts from many fields during our projects to be able
to follow a project from the initial idea all the way to completion.

For the past 5 years we have been very fortunate to work with some fantastic clients. From commersial to private, from international to local, from big to small.

We belive no task is too big or too small and the educative journey we take on togetter is fun, humbeling and highly appreciated.