Model:Samples/Cycles  -  Massive sound in a compact size. Meet the six-track groovebox that offers pretty much all of the Elektron superpowers in a sleek, lightweight, and portable package.

OP got the mission to design a new era for Elektron; a series of easy-to-use portable products. Our design needed to stand out from the rest of the product range and attract first time users as well as professionals. Elektron is one of the most renowned and possibly best synthesizer brands in the world and this is how they describe the new Model:Samples/Cycles - ‘You get pretty much all of the Elektron superpowers in a sleek, lightweight, and accessible package.’
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Inspired by a classic 90’s boombox with its handle, our idea communicates that it is the perfect portable device for your on-the-go creativity. The handle not only works as a battery pack with its 4 AA batteries, but also as a stand providing a comfortable angle while playing.

Claymation by Elektron & Freddy Wallin

“Six track FM based groovebox Scale angles dense and jagged, glide over plains vast and fluid or sink into mists of dissonance. To model is to shape the formless. Model:Cycles is a six-track FM-based groovebox that brings exploring into the heart of sound sculpting. With six unique machines in one lightweight unit, you can effortlessly mold rhythm and melody across the digital spectrum using instant, tactile controls. Exploration made attainable.”

“Define the formless The six machines of the digital FM engine cover both percussive and melodic synths, allowing you to make full, varied compositions. The four core synth controls put the tools of sound sculpting right in front of you, altering the behavior of each machine differently and letting you push them to the limit. Every sound has a start, where will you take it?”

“A machine, in case you're new to the Elektron vernacular, is a specific drum machine (or synth) model that acts as the sound engine of your choice. Choose any of the unique machines for use on any of the six tracks. Build your own personal orchestra. Whether you use it as a versatile live instrument or groovebox on the go to pick up and craft full-blown compositions away from your studio, exploration has rarely felt so convenient and unimpeded.” - Read more over at Elektron.