2023 / 05 / 25 - Built to Last ed.2

OP and Norrmalms Kartongfabrik (NKF1916) have teamed up for Build-to-Last Edition 2. We have collaborated on a light solution using a proven box manufacturing technique. The design is intended to be assembled by you during the Stockholm Creative Edition event, taken home and used with love.

Build-to-Last puts emphasis on how things are put together and involves you in the process, highlighting the feelings of pure joy from using your hands to create something. Exploration extends to manufacturing techniques, materials and form. The result is essential interior objects that push boundaries and challenge the status quo.

NKF1916 is known for combining the pragmatism of utility with an Old World reverence for fine craftsmanship that leads to unboxing creativity. 

To sign up for the event RSVP here.

If you miss the event but still want to visit us, come any time during the Stockholm Creative Edition via their website.