2022 / 04 / 01 - Volvo Xc40 Recarge Launch,  Redesigning Volvo Studios in Tokyo, Milan & New York

A little while back we help SKEWED launch the new Volvo XC40 Recharge. 

“A little while back Volvo asked the SKEWED creative network to help connect their new C40 electric city car with a new generation of consumers. Together with the Volvo Brand team we created the ‘slowest launch ever’, an all new way of connecting an automotive brand with an audience. Our strategy was based on the premise that people really engage when you show rather than tell. The resulting assets call upon strong visuals and a powerful track by Kavinsky that really emote. We want you to FEEL a certain way about this new Volvo.“

Picture credit: Hiromitsu Yasui / GQ Magazine