2022 / 12 / 04 - IKEA Backsippan build up

“An office building like a factory” Site visit IKEA Backsippan Älmhult
Back in 2018 we help IKEA with the design concept for the expansion of it’s Product Development Center, IKEA of Sweden, in Älmhult. The concept was simple, “Building for change”. A highly flexible structure with simple materials and different seperated laysers optimized for an office space undergoing constant change.

We are very happy to see that many of the inital ideas have been kept in the construction of the building that is now under way by IKEA of Sweden, IKEA Property, Daniel Berg Arkitekter and Krook och Tjäder.

The visit also marks the start of a new project togetter with IKEA, creating the interior design concept for the new workspace, more to come.