2020 / 01 / 10 - Elektron Analog MKII 

The beat machine Analog MKII, that we’ve been designing for Elektron, now makes it way towards creators world-wide. 

“Eight voice analog drum computer & sampler Layer distinctive analog percussion with digital samples. Bring in the power of sequencing and performance controls. For rhythmic discoveries in the studio and on stage: the Analog Rytm MKII is a one-stop solution beat machine. A different drum.

What sets the Analog Rytm MKII apart is the addition of a digital sample layer. Sampling is dead easy. Choose the source – the inputs, any of the internal tracks, or the main outs – complete your recording, trim the sample, and that's that. Swiftly set the pitch, direction, looping or one-shot behavior, and bitrate. Sample and re-sample. Mold it to the limits of your imagination.” - Elektron